We are committed to innovation to attend the specific needs of the national market, providing unprecedented solutions that promote a fast and accurate response in the areas of Prenatal Screening and Neonatal Screening.

Contribution and Investment

We are founding partners of the Brazilian Society for Neonatal Screening and currently, we count more than 30 million analyses performed. Our team of highly qualified professionals works to provide quality excellence in products and services, we continuously invest in research and development.

Partners and Customers

We have as partners domestic and international companies that directly participate in the Research and Development of new products and solutions. We also work together with APAE’S(association of parents and friends of exceptional children, philanthropic institution), public and private universities, research institutes, public and private laboratories (in Brazil and abroad) and with governmental institutions.

We have a diverse range of solid professional experience including researchers of international renown, who are in continuous communication with the INTERCIENTIFICA team for the development of new technologies and continuous improvement of products and services.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our performance is based on the preservation of the environment, which is why we have adopted several proceedings to minimize any environmental impact. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Recycling of Materials
  • Selective collection and residue minimization.
  • Sustainable Packaging design and materials
  • Energy efficiency approaches.
  • Reduced Paper Usage
  • Multiplex Assays *

* The Multiplex assays has as one of its main advantages the technological innovation in favor of the environment, reducing to 85% the average consumption of reagents and, in 58%, the consumption of electric energy, when compared to other available methodologies in the market.